The Music Box

In a peaceful hamlet in Switzerland, a beautiful cottage stands on a hill close above the Rhine river.   With the majesty of the snow capped Alps above, and the shimmering blue of the stately river below, the cottage lies between them, snug and safe.

A little girl lives in the cottage with her parents, and many times, she creeps out of bed at night, to draw back her curtains and watch the sparkling water slipping by.  Especially on clear, moonlit nights, she looks down, and imagines that all the stars of the heavens have come down to dance on her river.

Now on the night before Christmas, she tiptoes down the stairs, and quietly creeps into the living room with her blanket.  The banked fireplace crackles softly, and the room is warm, lit only by the fire and one candle, left burning  low on the fireplace mantel.

But what is this?  A silvery shimmer from below the tree catches her gaze, where the fireplace light shows something half hidden under slender ribbons.

As she cradles the little silver music box in her hands, it plays it’s song for her, and she curls up, listening, warm and cozy under the tree.  

And in moments, she slips into a dream,
where she joins hands with the tiny dancers, 
on the ballroom floor of the shimmering, starlit river.

Story, Lyrics & Music © 2016 Britta Curkovic

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