Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering About Something?

Please feel free to get in touch with us with your questions, and for a detailed quote for your event, by calling 778.387.3525 (ask for Britta).

In the meantime, here’s a few FAQ’s that may come in helpful…

What is the meaning of the name, Caelestra?

Caelestra is a name drawn from Latin, meaning “of the Stars” or “of the Heavens”.  On a more spiritual level, Caelestra refers to a connection to nature, with the light of the stars providing guidance for a  journey of inspiration.  As you will notice, the Caelestra logo on our stage banner is a lion holding a harp, looking up at the North Star.

With every concert we play, our goal is to share our inspiration, and a little bit of magic, with you!

Who are the members of Caelestra?

Caelestra is a Canadian Medieval-Celtic folk band, founded by well known Celtic flautist and singer Michelle Carlisle, Vancouver songwriter, Celtic harpist, songwriter and composer Britta Curkovic, and classically trained soprano Lambroula Pappas. Joining them are the passionate rhythms of percussionist Sacha Levin, and the gorgeous melodic lines of cellist Janelle Ragno.

With the these 5 musicians from classical, folk and rock backgrounds, Caelestra creates a beautiful, unique and energetic sound.  You can find out more about the backgrounds  of our band members, on the band page.

What do you call the kind of music you play?

We mix soaring Celtic melodies with Medieval harmonies and Middle Eastern drums – a fusion of World music and tales of times gone by. Many of our songs are set in Renaissance and Medieval times.   Our songs take our listeners on an adventure, with stories of sailors, knights, castles, monks, and desert journeys.

We often describe our music as “Celtic Fantasy Folk”, with recurring themes of joy, imagination and a pagan connection to the Earth come through.


Do you have any recordings available?

We’ll be working on recording our first album staring in spring of 2016, and expect to release our first CD for Christmas of 2016.

To hear our music in the meantime, visit our video page, or our music samples page.  In the meantime, keep tuned, by following us for events and news, on our Facebook page!

Who writes and arranges your songs?

All our original music is written and arranged by Vancouver Singer-Songwriter, Britta Curkovic, who is the founding member of the band.  We are also able to incorporate traditional Celtic or Folk favorites with our concerts, if you’d like to hear more of the songs you know and love.

Please inquire if you’d like a custom song written and performed for a special event… weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, or other milestones.

What is your normal setup for performance?

Although usually we play stationary on a stage (with amplification requiring power for the mixing board and amps, and with a full drum kit) we certainly can wander around and stop in various locations and play “unplugged” for a more authentic feeling if requested.

However we’d need to actually come to a full stop when we play…  Britta can play the harp, or carry the harp, but not both at the same time. 🙂

How long is a concert usually?

For concerts, we usually play a 55 minute set, or two 45 minute sets with a 15 minute break.  Festivals may be shorter sets, such as 30-45 minutes.

Additional sets (if they start within 2 hours of the end of the first set) are available at a reduced rate.

What is the cost of a set with the full band?

Our sets include the following:

  • 5 musicians and a sound manager
  • Time for travel to and from event within lower mainland
  • time for setup, sound check and tear down
  • amplification equipment if needed
  • a 55 minute performance
  • please call for rate based on your musical needs, date and venue details
  • additional sets at reduced rate

Do you have smaller groups available?

We are available to play in a group as small as 3, for more intimate venues if requested.  (voices / flute / harp & guitar).  Talk to us about your musical needs, and we’ll figure out the perfect fit for your event!

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